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    Jewel Sanitary Napkins Super High In Absorbency & Extra Guard From Leakage.

    About Us

    At Jewel Sanitary Napkins LLC, we aim at making women feel good and look confident through our health and hygiene maintaining range of Sanitary Napkins. We, as a manufacturer, are investing in right technologies for creating exceptional results giving sanitary napkins. Addressing needs of women, we are bringing forth Super Heavy Overnight Sanitary Napkins, Ultra Thin Panty Liners Sanitary Napkins, Very Light Panty Liners Sanitary Napkins, Heavy Flow Sanitary Napkins and similar products. We are committed to provide women with products that improve their lifestyle and quality of living. 

    We care for happiness of our customers across the globe which is why we indulge in safe packaging of our sanitary napkins range. We make different quantities of packets, each pack containing individually and safely wrapped sanitary napkin, sealed with a single strip. Our each pack is imprinted with Jewel, which is our brand name. Our brand promises high quality and complete hygiene. Apart from this, every pack contains necessary manufacturing and expiry, raw materials, steps of use and other details.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to protect women and raise awareness about menstruation who suffer in pain due to heavy bleeding. Our goal is to educate women for keeping a healthy menstruation cycle and encourage making right choices, from eating right to using better quality sanitary napkins. With our campaign, we are aiming to stop women suffering and making healthy product choices. 

    Jewel Fundraiser

    Silent suffering of women has made us campaign for their voice. Jewel today has become a healthy alternative against all standard sanitary napkins. There are various benefits of supporting Justice For My Jewel Campaign, some of these are as follows:

    • Better reach financial goals
    • Protection for girls and women
    • Raising of community awareness

    How Jewel Sanitary Napkins Help?

    Jewel Sanitary Napkins have in them Graphene, a Nobel Prize Winning material, which provides innumerable health benefits by improving micro-circulation, supporting healthy metabolism and promoting cell activity. Jewel napkins make women feel dry and highly comfortable. Considering need of different women, we are providing Ultra Thin Panty Liner Sanitary Napkin (For everyday use), Very Light Panty Liner With Wings and Super Heavy Overnight Flow. Our portfolio contains sanitary napkins for light, moderate and heavy flow. 

    Why Jewel Sanitary Napkins?

    Jewel sanitary napkins like Heavy Flow Sanitary Napkins and more provide 8 Layers of Great Protection. Brief about these layers is given below:

    • Layer 1: Three dimensional layer, wings for extra protection
    • Layer 2: Soft cottony top layer to provide extreme comfort 
    • Layer 3: Infused Graphene strip to prevent bacterial growth
    • Layer 4: Air-laid design that provides guard from leakage 
    • Layer 5: Safe absorbent polymer, having great absorption power
    • Layer 6: Additional Air-laid layer to add extra protection 
    • Layer 7: Micro-perforated bottom layer to keep area dry and cool
    • Layer 8: Agricultural grade adhesive 

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